"Once a year go to a place you have never been before."

Why Poland?

Poland is not the first choice for people planning their holidays. Below please find 3 good practical reasons to organise your next incentive trip in Poland or plan your holiday here. 

# 1  Modern country  

If you look for modern upscale holidays, you will be able to find it all here. There are many newly built hotels of different standard, so you will not be disappointed with your accommodation. There are plenty of renovated stylish country manors which now operate as hotels or venue places. With the young generation we have a huge number of modern projects in art, archtecture, music and events. Internet is easily available so you will have no trouble to stay on-line all the time. As a part of EU we have the benefit of reduced roaming prices for your mobile connections.

# 2 Easy accessible

Poland has good flight connections to most main airports in the world.  Even small local Polish airports operate direct flights to many European destinations by regular or low-cost airlines.

# 3 Safety  

Poland is safe. Thanks to our geographical location, we are free of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos erruptions etc. Luckily we don’t experience anything like that. There is also no risk of terrorists attacks. There have never been any terrorist attack in Poland. So in today’s turbulent world, Poland is a good choice for safe holidays.

Incentives in Poland 

Have you ever thought about organizing an incentive trip to Poland?Once you do, you would be surprised by the variety of venues and attractions available.  


Poland is an excellent setting for orga-nising conferences. Easy reachable thanks to good flight connections, quality hotels, delicious food and many unique points of interest to visit. 

Historical and cultural tours 

Poland is a fascinating country and it takes people by surprise. We would be happy to show you both historical and modern faces of our country. 


Poland is the home country of Pope John Paul II and Saint Sister Faustyna. This is an excellent destination for those who want to know more. 


There is a number of high quality Spa and medical treatment places located in secluded areas of Polish countryside where you can bring your body back to a good shape. 

Poland Slow Travel 

Poland is the perfect destination for those who wish to spend their holidays  in a slow way and enjoy every minute of it. We will be happy to tailor made a tour off the beaten tracks.